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Edward Harris on the Iruña-Veleia affaire. For what they were… we are

Edward Harris on the Iruña-Veleia affaire. Maju

Edward C. Harris, Director of the Bermuda Maritime Museum and world-famous among archaeologists for being the inceptor of the Harris matrix, which soon became standard procedure in all serious digs, wrote yesterday at The Royal Gazette on his recent visit to the Basque Country and the Iruña-Veleia affair.
On this one he says the following:

In the wake of the basque whalers

21 – 22 September 2011

Cultural and Genetic Heritage of the Basques and the Native Americans of the North Atlantic. The Basques established relations with Native Americans in the St. Lawrence River area over many centuries, and evidence of this appears in historical records. A wealth of historical, archaeological and even language records have been preserved as a result of these relations. One can therefore assume that the DNA lineages may also bear witness to these relations, owing to the contribution resulting from the constant trade established with the Native Americans by our whale hunters, cod fishermen and fur traders from the Lower Middle Ages and up until the 20th century.

Bilbao, Euskal Herria

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The graffiti of Iruña-Veleia, a free online e-book by J.M. Elexpuru (in Basque)

For what they were… we are

The graffiti of Iruña-Veleia, a free online e-book by J.M. Elexpuru (in Basque)

Index (translated):


1. The history and histories of Iruña-Veleia
1.1. On the Romans’ conquest
1.2. Tribes or ethnicities
1.3. On the name Iruña-Veleia
1.4. The place
1.5. The city
1.6. The archaeological site
1.7. The finding of the exceptional graffiti
1.8. The materials
1.9. The commission of experts
1.10. The Chartered Government of Araba declares the findings as false and closes the site
1.11. The reports and pictures are published
1.12. The debate heats up
1.13. The trial at the tribunals
1.14. The Chartered Government gives the site to the University of the Basque Country
1.15. The anniversary of the expulsion of Lurmen and the closure of the site (November 19th 2011)
1.16. Eliseo Gil might be a falsifier!

2. The shards with Basque inscriptions
2.1. How many and where
2.2. Photos and transcriptions
2.3. The contents
2.4. The lexicon of the texts

3. The echoes of the Lord’s Prayer

4. On the late Vasconization
4.1. Basque words in Roman inscriptions
4.2. Basque dialects
4.3. Toponymy
4.4. Last comment

5. Reply to the reports of Lakarra and Gorrotxategi
5.1. Context
5.2. Contra facta non valent argumenta
5.3. The article
The San Millán Regula (1025)
The Liria cup (IV century BC)
The Ibarra from Plasenzuela (Cáceres) in a Roman slab (II century AD)
Illuna and Tichia in an Iruña-Veleia neighborhood
Toponyms that end in -oña
Some other tracks
Some comments on Basque articles
5.4. Phonetics and graphy
Aspiration (<h>)
T = TS and TZ
S and Z
K and QV (qu)
5.5 Lexicon
Arapa, arosa, lagun, polita, urdin, gori
5.6. Gamed words
5.7. Pronouns and possessives
neu, geu, gure, zure, zeu, zutan
5.8. Ergative
5.9. Archaisms and hapaxes
5.10. The consequences
5.11. On the last codas of Lakarra and on the presumed falsifiers
5.12. Visceral talk

6. The reports that support authenticity
The viewpoint of Koenraad van Driesche

7. On the human damages
Iruña-Veleia: the history of a nightmare

8. The manifesto for the clarification of the Iruña-Veleia affair

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